Testing and Analysis Center for Food and Cosmetics (TACFC) in Hungkuang  University is an inspection institute with high credibility and also accredited by Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) or by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF). At present, there are two accredited laboratories including chemical and biological testing laboratories.

The Center establishes standard operating procedures through the testing field and establishes an operational quality management system based on the international Quality Assurance Standard ISO17025. A number of tests for food have been jointly certified by  the Department of Health and Welfare of the Executive Yuan to ensure the accuracy of the inspection results and the quality of the inspection to the international level.

The Center provides the most credible functional assessment of biological, chemical, meat and vegetarian foods, and other related tests. The Center also provides functional evaluations for food and cosmetics, as well as the service of data submission for review to assist in quality control and commodity promotion in the food and cosmetic industry so as to further protect the rights and interests of consumers and safeguard the health of the general public.